Renewable Energy for a Sustainable World.



M/s B. G. Chitale Dairy is one of the pioneer leading private dairies in India (manufacturer and supplier of dairy products, like milk, dahi, paneer, cheese, pure ghee, etc). It is one of the oldest (79 years old) and most trusted dairy in India.

They supply and process more than 7 lacs litters of milk and milk products every day, spread across an area of more than 32 acres in a small place called Bhilawdi near Sangli (Maharash…


Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC), India’s renowned multinational oil & gas company. ONGC generates an ample amount of Flare Gas which has been taken care of due to its composition, the utilization of “Flare Gas” to clean power is possible using Capstone Microturbines. The main initiative taken by the government is the commitment to renewable energy and green power generation, thereby taking a step towards reducing the carbon footprint.

Heat Pump

Latex and Rubber Industry

Electrical Heating replaced with Heat Pump In a study of Heating System for Leaching Tank, it is observed that it is heated using Electrical Heating.

Brio Energy studied the application and designed a sustainable Energy Efficient Solution using ‘CoolHeat’.
Brio ‘CoolHeat’ is a more energy-efficient method to heat water than a typical Resistance Element Heater. In fact, a ‘CoolHeat’ can be up to three to four times more efficient.

Auto Component Industry

Energy Saving for Auto Component Industry

Hot Water System for Industrial Component Cleaning Machines.

For every engineering component manufacturing units, as per the ASTM B322 standard guidelines, any Surface Treatment is particularly sensitive to part cleanliness. The molecular layers of oil can affect the adhesion of the coating. In this process, hot water with light alkaline detergent is used along with hot water for


IBC Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.


LACCD District-Wide Sustainability Initiative Leverages PURETi


LACCD-BUILD Green was a $5.7 billion green building project that spanned over 500 buildings on 9 separate college campuses, covering nearly 900 square miles in Los Angeles, CA. The goal of LACCD-BUILD Green was to modernize its colleges while protecting the environment by embracing national…