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Renewable Energy for a Sustainable World.

Brio Group of Companies

Brio Group is an organization dedicated to improving the health & lifestyle of people by bringing one-stop resources with unique, value-added solutions that are at the pinnacle of innovations. Brio group intends to continue offering technology-based energy products relevant to the industry through Brio Energy while equally contributing to health with Brio Pharma Technologies Pvt. Ltd, innovations in Pharma packaging with Brio Packaging and pharma transportation & unique phase changing solutions with Brio Climator. With extensive industry experience, the Brio group delivers promises of Smart City under one roof while still maintaining total business ethics, customer-first attitude, and high involvement of stakeholders at every step.

Brio Group shares a diversified and complex portfolio with a single objective to bring innovation and cost savings to all the industry domains while being able to contribute to society and resolve some of the energy woes of India.

Brio Pharma Technologies Pvt. Ltd

BRIO Pharma has established its reputation by supplying high-quality machines with innovative technologies to the Indian Pharma and Food industry. More than 300 + Installations in India in almost all the leading, Indian and MNC Pharma companies in India and it is a matter of great satisfaction that we have grown multifold thanks to the resolve and commitment towards our prestigious client base. Our average growth of more than 20% per year and we envisage sustained growth in the future.

Brio Packaging Pvt. Ltd.

Brio Packaging Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2009 to cater to the various packaging requirement in Pharma / Beverages / FMCG sectors. With an innovative packaging solution partnered with Bormioli Rocco SpA Italy for glassware packaging for pharmaceuticals and Brevetti Angela Italy SRL for BFS applications.

Brio Climator Pvt. Ltd.

Brio Climator Pvt. Ltd. was established in a joint venture with Climator Sweden AB in 2015. Brio Climator Pvt. Ltd. supplies ClimSel Cold Chain Solution (High-Quality PCM Material) for various pharmaceutical and FMCG applications for secure and temperature-safe transport.

Brio Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

Brio Engg Pvt. Ltd. was established to cater to the various engineering requirements, in Pharma and Energy Sectors.

IBC Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

IBC Pharma Pvt. Ltd. is a manufacturer of pharma grade cyano acrylic adhesives.