Capstone Microturbines

Pioneering electrical power generation through renewable sources, Capstone Microturbines align with the needs of your business. With their application across any industry, these modular turbines offer clean, efficient, and low-cost electricity, which can be integrated with other sources like grids, PV systems, and wind systems.

Capstone microturbines can be used for varied applications like power quality, peak shaving, power resilience, cogeneration, and microgrid applications to name a few. With a combined heat and power efficiency of almost 90%, these microturbines help you reduce your carbon footprint, which is unparalleled in the industry.

The modular design, use of a single shaft to house the compressor and the generator, and use of air bearings for frictionless rotation significantly lower operational and maintenance costs.

Featured Products

Each requirement is unique and requires a custom product. Capstone Green Energy offers a list of varied products for varied requirements.


This turbine comes with the world’s largest air-bearing system and is capable of producing 1000 KW of clean and reliable power



With its modular design and production capacity of 800 KW, this turbine offers high availability with part load redundancy



Caters to requirements for 600 KW power generation, which is upgradable to 800 KW or even 1000 KW


with combined heat and power efficiency of 90%, this turbine produces 200 KW of electrical power.



produces 65 KW of electrical power and can operate with varied fuel sources like natural gas, liquid fuels and even renewable fuels


Working Principle

Small power generators called micro turbines to burn liquid and gas fuels to produce a high-speed rotation that activates an electrical generator. Recuperator, fuel compressor, generator, turbine, compressor, and combustor are the essential parts of a microturbine. The compressor, positioned on a single shaft with the generator, is the microturbine’s main component. Two bearings hold up the single shaft. Since there is only one working shaft in these turbines, they are much more dependable and require less maintenance than other shaft types.

The internal heat exchanger is called the recuperator. In a microturbine, the input air is compressed by a compressor before being preheated by the exhaust in the recuperator. After that, the hot combustion gas expands through the power turbines as the heated air from the recuperator combines with the fuel in the combustor.

The exhaust heat generated by these turbines is further used to heat the building space, produce hot water, drive absorption cooling, supply thermal energy to various industrial processes, and various other applications.

Industries We Serve

Oil and Natural Gas
Data Centres
Commercials Buildings

Key Applications:

Peak Shaving and base load power (grid parallel)
Combined heat and power generation
Stand-alone power
Backup/Standby power
Microgrid configurations
Resource recovery

Why Us

Certified Partner with Capstone Green Energy

Brio Energy is a certified partner and distributor for Capstone Microturbines and provides services across India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

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Capstone Microturbine products are manufactured using long-lasting, solid components which undergo extensive testing before delivery. Our commitment towards quality ensures that our customers rely on our solutions and deliver outstanding performance. Our comprehensive after sales service and maintenance gives us an edge over our competition


Our extensive and widespread experience in CHP technology and renewable energy is leveraged to provide flexible and customized power solutions to industrial and commercial institutions.