With a combined heat and power efficiency of up to 90%, the c200s microturbine can produce 200W electric power at grid connect frequency. This Capstone microturbine contains the world’s largest single-unit air bearing, requiring no liquid lubricants or coolants.

The c200s can operate in a CCHP configuration and generate on-site electricity, while the exhaust heat can be channelized for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.

With its widespread application across manufacturing, commercial real estate, pharmaceuticals, textile, and many other industries, the c200s can eliminate energy price volatility and produce around-the-clock year-round clean power.


Rating: 200 kw Electrical

Electrical Efficiency LHV: 33%

Combined Heat And Power Efficiency: Up to 90%

Voltage: 400-480 VAC

Frequency: 50/60 Hz, Grid Connect

Electrical Service: 3-Phase, 4-Wire Wye

Width: 3.0 m (117 in)

Depth: 2.5 m (100 in)

Height: 3.8 m (148 in)

Weight: Grid Connect – 6,000 kg (13,200 lbs); Dual Mode – 6,700 kg (14,700 lbs)
Net Heat Rate LHV:10.9 MJ/kWh (10,300

Exhaust Temperature: 280 ºC (535ºF)

Exhaust Gas Flow: 1.3 kg/s (2.9 lbm/s)

Compatible Fuels: Pipeline Natural Gas


  1. Nominal full power performance at ISO conditions: 59˚F, 14.696 psia, 60% RH
  2. Height dimensions are to the roofline. The exhaust outlet can extend up to 5 inches above the roofline.
  3. Specifications based on high-pressure natural gas systems. Values may vary with other fuel types.

*Specifications are not warrantied and are subject to change without notice.

Benefits of c200s

  • High availability maximizing production revenues for optimal return on investment
  • Extremely suitable for isolated remote and extreme conditions
  • Unmatched reliability and industry-leading low emissions footprint
  • Patented air bearing with no requirement of any lubricant or coolant
  • Remote monitoring allowing instant communication and rectification
  • Internal fuel gas compressor housed within enclosures offering reliable longevity

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