Cool Heat – Heat Pump

Heat pumps can be broadly defined as electromechanical devices that work on the heat transfer principleWhat does this imply? This means that rather than burning any fuel to operate, heat pumps facilitate the movement of thermal energy (heat) from one place to the other.

As per the thermodynamic principles, heat moves naturally and spontaneously from the region of high temperature to the region of low temperature. So technically, a heat pump does nothing but does some additional work to pull heat from a low-temperature area and pumps it to a relatively high-temperature area. This can be an office building, commercial space, industrial building, and any other application where heat is required.

Heat pumps are an efficient energy source as these devices do not utilize external fuel. The efficiency of any heat pump is expressed in terms of coefficient of performance (COP), and in the case of a heat pump, this COP is always greater than unity, which makes it a compelling device to be installed for any heat requirements.

Why Cool Heat (Heat Pumps)

Thermal energy is utilized for various purposes and Brio Energy specializes in understanding the requirement and application for which heat is required. We design and configure heat pumps specifically for your requirements which can operate endlessly with proper maintenance and regular inspection.

Heat Pumps are extensively used and deployed in climates with moderate heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) requirements. Heat pumps can also be installed for domestic heating of air and water.

Various applications of heat pumps include but are not limited to:

  • Heating space in offices, homes, hospitals, and virtually any building
  • Heating water for domestic as well as industrial use, heating water in the swimming pools
  • In conjunction with renewable sources of energy, heat pumps can be used to heat up districts and even smart cities
  • Heating applications are also widely seen in many industrial processes, including pharmaceuticals, textiles, food and beverage etc

Advantages of Cool Heat (Heat Pumps)

Heat pumps use environmental energy to fulfill your heating requirements. Heat pumps offer many advantages as thermal energy is transferred to the desired application.

Extremely Low running costs offering you significant savings on your energy bills.
Minimal to low carbon emission as heat pumps use electric energy to operate and produce no emissions, making them environment friendly.
No need for fuel storage as environmental resources are utilized for generating and transferring heat.
Quiet operations and, therefore can be positioned in any part of the building with minimal to no noise pollution.
Modern heat pumps deploying the latest technologies have a long service life with an average lifespan of 25-30 years.
As heat pumps are robust by design and have very few moving parts, they offer low maintenance and operational costs.

Featured Products

Each requirement is unique and requires a custom product. Brio Energy offers a list of varied products for varied requirements.


Air Source Heat Pump

These pumps extract heat from the ambient air and transfer it to the required area of application



Water Source Heat Pump

These pumps extract heat from the water available and transfer it to the required area of application



Enhanced Vapor Injection

Caters to requirements for 600 KW power generation, which is upgradable to 800 KW or even 1000 KW


Swimming Pool Heat Pump

These pumps are specifically designed for heating gallons of water in a swimming pool. With various



Hybrid Heat Pump

These pumps are even more efficient as the source used for heating is auto-triggered and can.

Working Principle

  • To detail the heat generation process, every heat pump works on the thermodynamic process of the reversed refrigeration cycle. Every pump comprises four major components: An Evaporator, An Electric Compressor, A Heat Exchanger, and A Condenser.
  • Depending on the source of the heat pump and for the purpose, it is installed, the ambient air is pulled into the system, which passes over the evaporator and boils the refrigerant. These vapours are further compressed, which further increases the pressure and temperature of the vapours.
  • These high-pressure, high-temperature vapours are passed through the heat exchange, where they impart their heat to water or any other heating system.
  • As vapours condense after exchanging heat, they are further passed through the expansion valve to reduce both the pressure and the temperature so the cycle can be repeated.

Industries We Serve

Oil and Natural Gas
Data Centres
Commercials Buildings

Our installation and maintenance process

At Brio Energy we follow a customer-first methodology and thus have a well-defined installation and maintenance process. This process comprises five critical steps: Requirement Gathering, Site Inspection, Design, Approval and Installation.

Requirement gathering

In this process phase, we understand your requirements and document our understanding. Our well-trained technicians and engineers follow a consulting approach and discuss your requirements and application in detail.


Depending on the requirement and its applications, a site survey is planned as per your convenient date and time, wherein our engineers visit your site and detail the application from start-to-end.


Based on the requirement gathered and the inputs from the site survey, a blueprint of the design is created by using the latest software and technology and is shared with you for a review.


Once the design has been shared with you, we seek approval from the customer and finalize the order followed by the manufacturing process.


Based on the agreed timelines, the heat pump is manufactured, tested, shipped and installed at your site. Our engineers are available on-site for a pre-defined tenure and provide you necessary training and know-how of the operations.

Why Us?


Extensive knowledge and experience of over two decades

At Brio Energy, our core values of definite business ethics and an imperative customer-first attitude drive us to innovate and continuously improve. Manufacturing market-driven, customer-centric green energy heat pumps have always been our endeavour since our inception. Our team of qualified engineers and designers thrive on innovating and are experts in renewable energy.


Quality is supreme!

Our products are manufactured using durable, solid components which undergo extensive testing before delivery. Our commitment to quality ensures that our customers rely on our solutions and deliver outstanding performance. Our comprehensive after-sales service and maintenance give us an edge over our competition


Efficient by Design!

We define efficiency as designing solutions that deliver outstanding performance and help save energy costs for our customers. Technology-driven innovation augmented with a highly skilled workforce enables us to deliver efficiency to our customers.