Air Source Heat Pump

Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP)

An Industrial Pump to capture heat naturally.  At Brio Energy we manufacture industrial Air Source Heat Pumps which are efficient, reliable, consistent yet flexible to accommodate the needs of your application.


Technology That Pays Off Quickly!

As the name suggests, an air source heat pump captures heat from the natural air and transfers it to the desired area of application. While it uses electricity to pump this energy, the quantity of electricity used to achieve this is way less than the quantity of heat it delivers. Complying to the carbon emission norms, these pumps do not burn any fuel and hence do not emit any carbon dioxide into the environment.

Further deep diving into the entire process of heat generation, every air source heat pump comprises four major components: An Evaporator, An Electric Compressor, A Heat Exchanger, and A Condenser.

The ambient air is pulled into the system which passes over the evaporator and boils the refrigerant. These vapours are further compressed, which further increases the pressure as well as the temperature of the vapours.

These high pressure, high temperature vapours are passed through the heat exchange where they impart their heat to water or any other heating system.

As vapours get condensed after exchanging heat, they are further passed through the expansion valve to reduce both the pressure as well as the temperature so that the cycle can be repeated.

Benefits of ASHP

  • Versatile and Affordable as air source heat pumps can be used both for heating as well as cooling purposes
  • ASPHs are Low Carbon Heating equipments as no fuel is burnt for their operations
  • Significant reduction in energy bills as ambient air is used for heating. Additionally, ASPHs offer low-maintenance operations which further cuts down your operating cost
  • Due to the versatile applicability of an ASHP, they provide outstanding Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCOP)
  • Because the fuel used by an ASPH is the ambient air, No Fuel Storage is required

Why Us?

Extensive knowledge and experience of over two decades

At Brio Energy, our core values of definite business ethics and imperative customer-first attitude drive us to innovate and continuously improve. Manufacturing market driven, customer centric green energy heat pumps has always been our endeavour since inception.  Our team of qualified engineers and designers thrive to innovate and are experts in the field of renewable energy.

Quality is supreme!

Our products are manufactured using long-lasting, solid components which undergo extensive testing before delivery. Our commitment towards quality ensures that our customers rely on our solutions and deliver outstanding performance. Our comprehensive after sales service and maintenance gives us an edge over our competition.

Efficient by Design!

We define efficiency as designing solutions which deliver outstanding performance and helps save energy costs for our customers. Technology-driven innovation augmented with highly skilled workforce enables us deliver efficiency to our customers.