Enhanced Vapor Injection Heat Pump

Enhanced Vapor Injection Heat Pump

Increased compression ratio = Boosted refrigeration capacity. Higher performance at even lower temperatures.

Improve Performance Efficiency by 27-30%

An Enhanced Vapor Injection (EVI) technology is utilized to enhance the overall performance of your heat pump. This technology encapsulates the usage of an ‘Economizer’ within the refrigeration cycle.

Vapor Injection (VI) technology is an efficiency-enhancing step added to the refrigeration cycle, which divides the compression process into two stages, reducing the compressor’s workload and lowering the evaporator’s inlet quality, thus increasing the overall capacity.


Benefits of EVI

  • Increase compressor performance without increasing the electricity bill
  • Increased coefficient of performance (COP) as it uses an enlarged evaporator extracting more heat energy
  • Increased compressor life-span due to decreased workload
  • Can be used in the temperature range of -15 to 45 degrees Celsius

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