Hybrid Heat Pumps

Hybrid Heat Pumps

Combine renewable heating with a traditional system! Switch between the energy source at any time and get the most out of your heat pump installation—a dual fuel system to fuel up your heat pumps while simultaneously cutting down your utility bills.


Integrate To Achieve More!

The hybrid heat pump is not a product but a configuration that combines renewable energy sources with any other traditional heat pump. The combination configuration depends on your overall heating requirements throughout the year.

An ideal heating solution for hotels, villas, hospitals and large utility-consuming buildings, a solar and heat pump combo proves to be the best fit. These buildings need a consistent hot water supply and comfortable air conditioning throughout the year. Combining solar, the most widely available renewable energy source, and a secondary source like air, water, fossil, and gas heat pump, offers persistent, comfortable ambient conditions at considerably lower operational costs.

To achieve a high coefficient of performance (COP) and produce energy most economically, the low-temperature heat produced by the solar panels is fed to the evaporator section of the pump. Supplementing the expansion of the refrigerant with a renewable source of energy improves the overall efficiency of your heat pump configuration.

Benefits of Hybrid Heat pumps: A comparison

Solar + Heat Pump

  • Significantly Low Carbon Emission as dual energy sources are utilized based on the need-of-the-hour
  • Enhanced performance as the system automatically selects the most appropriate source of energy

Air Source + Water Source

  • Versatile and Affordable as these heat pumps can be used both for heating as well as cooling purposes as well as can be used in both climatic conditions of extreme cold & Extreme Heat.
  • Low Carbon Heating equipment as no fuel is burnt for their operations

Because the fuel used is the ambient air, No Fuel Storage is required.


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