Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Make the most of your swimming pool. Extend your pool season with a virtually endless life cycle. With our expertise in HVAC technology, Brio Energy manufactures efficient, reliable, and relatively inimitable swimming pool heat pumps.


Give A Palatial Feeling To Your Swimming Experience

Extending the swimming pool season isn’t a luxury today. Install swimming pool heat pumps manufactured by Brio Energy to give your family and customers a long-lasting swimming experience. Following the original HVAC concept, a swimming pool heat pump can heat gallons of water without costing a grand!

Essentially, a swimming pool heat pump has all the same components as any other heat pump but has proven to be the most efficient as it utilizes electricity to power only the fan and the compressor units.

A fan pulls hot ambient air, which passes over the refrigerant’s evaporator, heating the refrigerant. The compressor further increases the temperature of the refrigerant and pushes the high-pressure, high-temperature refrigerant to the water heat exchanger.

The water heat exchanger is a flush tank that houses the pool water and gets heated by the refrigerant flowing in the heat exchanger tubes. The hot water is pushed back to the pool, giving you a comforting experience.

The cooled refrigerant is further passed through the expansion valve, where it further loses the temperature to absorb maximum heat in the next cycle.

Benefits of Swimming Pool Heat Pump

  • Highly efficient all-year-round performance
  • Minimal use of electricity to power the fan and the compressor, resulting in decreased operational expense
  • Significant reduction in energy bills as ambient air is used for heating.
  • Minimal carbon emission as ambient air is used to impart heat to the refrigerant
  • Offers impressive coefficient of performance of ~6.0

Why Us?

Vast experience, knowledge, and process know-how

Our long-standing reputation in the swimming pool heat pump industry is because of our extensive experience garnered over years of dedication and hard work.

Safety is supreme!

Our products are manufactured considering the industry security standards. We use best-in-the-industry swimming pool heat pump components which are secure yet accurate toward performance.