Water Source Heat Pump

Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP)

Independent, packaged system for each zone of application. Unrivaled performance for both residential and commercial applications! At Brio Energy, we manufacture Water Source Heat Pumps comparable to any HVAC systems today!


PREMIUM performance, UNPARALLELED efficiency!

In contrast to an ASHP, a WSHP extracts heat from the water and transfers it to the desired zone or application area. A WSHP comprises the following components:

  • Compressor
    Depending on the heating capacity requirement, the compressor forms the heart of a WSHP and comes in two variants: Rotary vs Scroll. Powering the refrigeration cycle based on the commands from the thermostat, the compressor pressurizes a medium-temperature refrigerant to a high-pressure, high-temperature superheated gas.
  • 4-Way Reverse valve
    One single component distinguishes a heat pump from an air conditioner. Depending on the requirement, this valve is responsible for regulating the hot gas from the compressor.
  • Refrigerant – Water Heat Exchanger
    In contrast to an air conditioner, the heat exchanger replaces the fan and coil in a WSHP. The efficiency and performance of the WSHP is highly dependent on the water loop entering and exitinge heat exchanger.
  • Electronic Expansion Valve
    The Electronmic expansion device is responsible for ‘evaporating’ the refrigerant as it comes out of the heat exchanger. This device actively monitors the temperature of the refrigerant leaving the Heat Exchanger.

Benefits of WSHP

  • High-Efficiency self-contained units designed to fit in any location of your building
  • Can be designed for individual zones, thereby offering unmatched comfort to the occupant
  • Significantly lower seasonal operating costs
  • Offer Low installation cost and the highest energy efficiency
  • Utilizing modern acoustics isolation techniques and extensive testing, we design virtually sound-free heat pumps

Why Us?

Hassle-free service – easy and simple!

At Brio Energy, we design WSHPs where any maintenance personnel can easily remove and exchange zone heat pumps, making it easy for you to maintain your device without even calling us. Easy-to-access control boxes with advanced digital controls!

Where comfort and convenience are married!

Every unit component undergoes extensive testing to control the sound and vibrations. Sound power levels are monitored at each assembly stage, and acoustical isolation techniques are deployed to manufacture noise-free water source heat pumps.

Where comfort is uncompromised!

With its unique features of individual zoning and isolation from other users, Brio Energy manufactures water-source heat pumps that provide individual heat control. This gives your users more flexibility and control over their environment.