Evaporative cooling technology from Coolair is ideal for climates like India, as it cools air naturally, effectively, and efficiently. Even on the coastal areas of the Indian subcontinent Coolair machines can provide cooling solutions to many commercial and industrial applications. It is a simple process, wherein the cool breeze is created by hot ambient air passing over water-soaked cooling pads. Natural evaporation helps soak up the heat and cools the hot air. The effect created by evaporative air cooling is similar to the cooler conditions found at or near large expanses of water. Coolair evaporative air conditioning is ideal for a range of institutional, commercial, and industrial applications, and is immensely beneficial in partially covered/ventilated places, which require a constant flow of cool fresh air and helps in controlling heat buildup, smoke, fumes and ensures the flow of cool natural air. Some of the places where Coolair can be used include schools and universities, factories, warehouses, commercial kitchens, outdoor, tents, restaurants (outdoor), airports and hangars, bus stops, Public and private Zoos, sports grounds, outdoor swimming pools, and in poultry farming.

Coolair is suitable for places where the normal air conditioning system cannot work or be installed. The unpleasant working conditions caused by summer temperatures in the region that can rise in excess of 40⁰C in factories, warehouses, and other large commercial open spaces, could also affect the morale of workers and in turn, could affect productivity. Further, the continuous use of traditional air conditioning systems in such an environment would be extremely expensive. In such situations, the advanced technology developed by Coolair is an affordable alternative cooling system.

  1. Very low energy consumption – as little as 20% of what is consumed by conventional air conditioning systems
  2. It improves productivity
  3. It does not contain harmful CFC gases
  4. Reliability and durability of the product
  5. Coolair machines are easier and cheaper to install, and easy to maintain
  6. It has the world’s first corrosion-proof cabinet. There is zero corrosion as virtually no steel parts are used in the manufacture of Coolair machines except the motor, which is completely housed in plastic blower assembly. Its Permatuf casing is made from UV stabilized structural polymer, which is the same material used in the manufacture of space shuttles. As such, the cabinets of Coolair machines carry a 20-year guarantee and a 10-year structural guarantee.
  7. Coolair has several innovative features including an intelligent Water Management system that monitors water quality automatically to ensure maximum product life, keeps air quality superior with zero water carryover.
  8. It has also a unique, highly sensitive computer-controlled device – the Digital Smart Box, which monitors, manages and controls all the air conditioner features to provide ultimate comfort control

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Broad – Chillers

BROAD POWER-EFFICIENT CHILLER is the most efficient equipment when evaluating the efficiency of "primary energy", also it is the only central air conditioning that can generate chilled water, heating water, and sanitary hot water with the highest reliability, the longest life span, and the quietest operation.

The input heat energy heats LiBr solution to 284ºF and generates vapor, which is then condensed into water by cooling water. When the refrigerant water enters the evaporator (in high vacuum condition), its temperature goes down immediately to 41ºF. And it is sprayed over the copper tubes, and chilled water from 56.7ºF drop down to 44ºF to make cooling. The water absorbs heat from the air conditioning system and evaporates, then is absorbed by a concentrated LiBr solution from the generators. The cooling water takes away the heat and rejects it into the air. Diluted solution is pumped into HTG and LTG separately to be heated to begin the process all over again. Notes: Lithium Bromide is a salt of strong hygroscopicity, non-toxic and harmless, with no greenhouse effect and no damage to the ozone layer.